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Top Australian Casinos for Online Roulette

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One of the most popular gambling entertainment is roulette in Top online casinos. This game is on all the top sites in several formats. It is easy to understand even for a beginner who has never played in a casino before.

Here we have selected for you the most worthy and reliable casinos with a great selection of roulette games. You can try this pastime with bets in AUD or the free version. The game will appeal to those who want to get maximum adrenaline and easily earn money just by guessing the numbers.

To start playing, all you have to do is choose one of the sites you like and register on it. It's much easier than you imagined. But be warned, it will be very hard to tear yourself away! All of the sites in our list have tasty bonuses, and if you decide to play for money, you can get a great gift. And if you're lucky and rip your kush, you'll be able to withdraw the money without any problems to your card or e-wallet.

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The best online casinos with roulette for money

Gaming roulette in casinos is only on proven sites, Which are distinguished by a profitable system of bonuses, quality games and an excellent reputation.

We've compiled a list of the most reliable sites which pay well, are licensed, and accept players from Australia. They allow you to bet in AUD, participate in promotions and easily resolve any difficulties should they arise.

But most importantly, all the casinos in our top have dozens of roulette games. They are provided in the form of game simulators and virtual rooms with live dealers. And so you do not get bored watching the spinning wheel, there are thousands of other options to brightly and profitably spend your leisure time. Slots with high payouts, craps, bingo, blackjack, casino poker, instant raffles, virtual sports, mini games and casual cash games are available.

Our list of casinos with a wide range of roulette on AUD includes sites that are distinguished by these parameters:

  • Comfortable to play from computers, cell phones and tablets;
  • Ability to bet in AUD, cryptocurrencies, dollars and euros;
  • The English-language interface is present;
  • It is possible to get bonuses for registration and rewards for constant play;
  • Deposits and payouts are fast and carry minimal commissions
  • Support is available around the clock

You can play with different stake sizes or even free.

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Principles and rules of roulette

Rules of roulette can master any player in a few minutes. Playing online in this respect is no different from having fun in land-based gambling clubs. If you play a simulator (pokies) roulette, everything will happen quickly and automatically, the player himself performs all the actions. And in the case of a live dealer, the dealer will comment on the different stages of the draw.

The aim of Roulette is to guess the number of the sector where the ball appears. The player can guess both the specific number and the sequence to which it will belong.

The classic roulette wheel is divided into 37 sectors: 18 red, 18 black and 1 zero.

When the drawing begins, the player must determine the bet. Oda can be made on:

  • One or more different numbers. If you guess the exact number, you take a 35-to-1 win;
  • Editions with the same odds: even and odd numbers, red and black sectors.
  • Sets of numbers (2, 4 adjacent numbers etc.);
  • Dozens, rows etc.

The bet in the form of chips should be placed on the field or in a separate area called a track (some types of roulette have it). In this case, the casino user has the opportunity to make several bets at once.

When you have decided on the bets, you need to press the button to spin the wheel. The ball will be launched into it and after several circles of rotation, it will stop in a cell with a certain number. If you guessed the number - you get a payout, according to the odds in the game, and if you didn't guess - the casino takes away the chips you bet.

In online casinos, you can participate in an endless number of games if the amount of money in your account allows it.

It should be kept in mind that there are different kinds of roulette and they differ in their rules. It is advisable to first learn the principles of the variety you wish to play.

How to start playing roulette online

Here we tell you how to play roulette in casinos. It's actually a very simple process in which you only need two things: a casino account and a knowledge of roulette rules.

To make things as smoothly and profitably as possible, follow these steps:

  • Go to the right casino for you from our list and register with it. Provide only your real details when you sign up so you can withdraw your winnings later;
  • Fill in your email or phone number and choose a strong password. Choose your account currency. It may be AUD, Euros, Dollars, etc.
  • Confirm your account creation in an email you receive
  • If you are interested in real money online roulette, you have to add money to your account.
  • But before you make a deposit, take a look at the casino's bonus and promotions conditions. After all, the first deposit you will be offered favorable conditions, for example, double the amount of the contribution. Just make sure you do so in order not to miss out on your gratuity."
  • Money once deposited will be credited instantly, so you can start playing roulette with real stakes."

Go to the Live Dealer or Table Games sections and choose the appropriate type of roulette.

Roulette Bonuses

If you're looking to start playing roulette on the best possible terms, make sure you sign up for the bonuses offered by all of our listed casinos:

These include:

  • Registration Bonus: A small amount or free spins will immediately appear in your account when you create an account;
  • Deposit Bonus. The most rewarding option, because if you deposit 100 AUD or more, you can get the same amount as a gift.
  • Gifts for inviting other players. Send your acquaintances a link from the casino, and when they sign up, you'll get a well-deserved reward for it;
  • Cashback. Even if you lose, you can get some of your money back. Many roulette sites offer refunds of up to 20%;
  • Benefits from a loyalty program. Complete tasks, earn points and convert them into real money.

Roulette at online casinos for money

Roulette for money is one of the most popular pastimes that require minimal preparation. Today in many casinos, players play for AUD, cryptocurrencies, dollars and euros.

Based on luck or proven strategies, the game can be turned into a steady income. But do not get carried away and make too big bets, especially if you are still just learning the basics.

There are dozens of developers producing quality roulette today. Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, Novomatic, Play N Go, Pragmatic Play are among them. In their list is found as a live roulette for money, and simulators with a quick draw.

The game for money starts with 250-500 AUD. This is the amount of deposit you need to make at the casino. After the deposit, choose a suitable game. It will differ in the design of the betting table, control buttons and betting amounts.

When the game loads, you will have chips in different denominations. They are the ones you use to place your bets. Betting amounts are determined by the currency used. They start at a couple of AUD and can go up to hundreds of thousands. It is always advisable to play based on your account balance.

Roulette online for free

Some players do not yet know that playing roulette at the casino is completely free. They're all sites in our selection that offer such a game with no risk or cash investment. And that's great news for those who've been wanting to try it for a while but haven't had the chance to make a deposit yet.

Roulette casino online demo is a full-fledged game designed for familiarization and practice. It uses virtual credits instead of AUD as bets. To run the demo version you need to click on the "Demo" / "Free" button in the lobby.

Free Roulette offers a great chance to practice your gaming skills, understand the controls, try out different strategies and get your first experience. The only drawback is that you can play free roulette only with simulators. With live dealers, there is no such opportunity.

The second option of not spending money to play roulette is much better. In it you can even claim real winnings. To do this, you need to take advantage of no deposit casino bonuses. Some sites give a small amount when you register on their site. Take advantage of this roulette bonus and play for the best conditions!

Types of Roulette

There are three main types of roulette:

  • French Roulette is the very first version of the game where the wheel has one zero sector and 18 red and black cells each. When playing this type of roulette, French terms are used and bets are taken on a special track. If you made a bet on equal odds and the ball fell in the zero sector, you won't lose money. This variation is now rare in casinos.
  • European roulette is a more modern adaptation of the classic game, where there is also only one sector of zero. It is the most profitable for the player, as the house advantage does not exceed 2.7%. European roulette has no verbal bets.
  • American roulette is a popular version of the game where the wheel has two zero sectors at once. Such a game has fewer benefits for users because when betting on equal outcomes, the casino's advantage over the player will always be 5.2%. This means that the expectation of winning will be lower.

So the basic variations of roulette differ in casino advantage, the number of zeros sectors and insurance rules.

As of late, roulette without zeros is also spreading online.

Variations of roulette in online casinos

Modern technology offers players much more options. Therefore, today online roulette has a number of interesting modifications that differ in the format of the wheel, the drawing process, the presence of bonus features and functions.

The special modifications of roulette include:

  • Fast roulette. It is available in the live dealer section and provides an accelerated draw process. You can easily find this type of game by its name, which contains the words Speed, Hyper, Lightning, etc.;
  • Bonus Roulette. Thanks to the additional sector, game participants can gain access to free draws;
  • Jackpot Roulette is an opportunity to participate in the drawing of an additional large prize. Players qualify for the jackpot if the ball falls on a special bonus sector in the drawing;
  • VIP-roulette. It's a classic game with rules generally accepted for a particular type, but with limited access. For example, only for players of certain levels in the casino loyalty program or for high rollers.

There are also games that differ in the type of wheel, such as mini roulette with a smaller number of cells.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette for Money refers to a game with a live dealer who takes bets, spins the wheel and announces the results of the draw.

Live Roulette with a live dealer is a virtual room in a casino where you watch as a live person representing the house controls the entire gaming process. Everything happens here just like in a real land-based casino. But you have the advantage of being able to play whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.

A huge number of users can play live roulette at the same time. You won't see them, but you can read their chat messages.

The rules of live roulette have not changed. Payouts for bets played are the same, and the wheel has 37 sectors (in European roulette). The only difference from gaming simulators is the presence effect of the observers. You know you're not the only one watching the draw, and because of that you get a special dose of adrenaline.

With live dealer casino games you can play classic versions, VIP roulette, speed-up formats, and more. Tip the croupiers, play with proven strategies and enjoy full control of the action.

Roulette on pokies

Roulette machines are simulation games where the player sees a wheel, a betting field and a control panel with buttons. It is by pressing the buttons that the game settings are determined.

You must:

  • Set the chips on the selected sectors of the betting field;
  • Start spinning the wheel.

There is nothing complicated at all, and it is even easier than playing on a regular slot.

Simulators roulette can have different additional settings (game design, sounds, insurance) and bonus options. They differ in the speed of play because in contrast to live games you don't have to wait for other players to place their bets.

The pokies have important indicators that affect winnings. These include RTP (the payout percentage) and volatility (frequency to payout ratio). They must be taken into account when choosing the best roulette. The higher the payout, the higher the chances of winning.

The roulette emulators from some developers allow you to participate in jackpot draws and tournaments. They have a demo mode with free bets.

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Peculiarities of roulette in online casinos

The popularity of roulette in online casinos is second only to pokie. And that's only because there are thousands of them. Any gambling project will offer you dozens of varieties, both in the form of virtual emulators and in the format with live dealers.

Despite the variety, every online roulette game retains all the basic principles of the game:

  • The player bets on the numbers of sectors of the playing wheel or their sequences;
  • The winner is determined by where the ball stops in the wheel;
  • The wheel consists of red and black sectors and a zero cell (one or more);
  • Winnings depend on different types of bets; the more accurate your prediction, the higher the payout;

The maximum winnings are given for guessing a particular number - for that, the player receives an amount that is 35 times the bet.

Casino roulette without registration is provided on many sites for the purpose of familiarization. Even if the player does not yet have an account, it can be run in demo mode. But to play for real you'll need to register and open an account at the casino.

The roulette rules are simple and you can learn them even in a couple of minutes. In principle, you can play even without knowing the rules, because the casino will give you the necessary cues in your actions.

Casino Roulette is divided into tabs:

  • The Top or Best games: The most popular ones specially chosen as recommendations by the house;
  • Live Casino: The live dealer section including the Queen of Games of chance
  • Tables: Simulated roulette games with a control panel.

You decide which models and formats best suit your gaming preferences.

The great thing about roulette is that both professionals and amateurs can win. You don't need to know all the basic strategies, just guess where the ball stops. By betting as little as 10 AUD, you can win up to 350 AUD each time.

The main benefits of playing at a roulette casino

The verified roulette casinos on our list offer these benefits to every player:

  • License as a guarantee of an honest establishment;
  • Gift bonuses, including a 100% deposit gift and free spins on trending pokies;
  • Not only roulette, but also hundreds of other profitable games including blackjack, poker, live games, card and table entertainment;
  • Comfortable when playing on different devices, including smartphones and tablets;
  • High security and complete privacy of your data and gaming success
  • Gifts for holidays and casino invitations;
  • Ability to compete for jackpots and tournament prizes;
  • Money rewards in our Loyalty Program;
  • Comfortable payment through a dozen methods available in Australia;
  • Incoming help when in doubt from knowledgeable casino staff.